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Hal Higdon: Run Fast

Hal Hig­don: Run Fast. How to Beat Your Best Time Every Time. Emma­us, Pa.: Roda­le 2000 [über­ar­bei­te­te zwei­te Aus­ga­be]. 246 Sei­ten. ISBN 1–57954-269–7


  1. Fly­ing without Wings: The Thrill of Run­ning Fast
  2. First Base: „Leg­ging Up“ Gets You in Shape
  3. Slow Down to Speed Up: Speed Trai­ning without Speedwork
  4. Speed Endu­ran­ce: Whe­re Time Meets Intensity
  5. Juggling Work­outs: Make the Most of Trai­ning Time
  6. Good Form: Smooth Out Your Stride
  7. Speed­work: Fine-​Tune Your Training
  8. The Magic Work­out: Inter­val Trai­ning Can Impro­ve Your Speed
  9. Speed Play: Fart­lek and Tem­po Training
  10. Pure Speed: Impro­ve Your Kick
  11. Dyna­mic Fle­xi­bi­li­ty: Speed in Motion
  12. Hit the Hills: Climb Your Way To The Top
  13. Strength Does It: More Mus­cle Means More Speed
  14. The Poli­shing Touch: Be Your Own Best Coach
  15. Detrai­ning and Retrai­ning: The Best Way to Get Back in Shape
  16. Rea­dy to Race: Test Your Abi­li­ty to Run Fast


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